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3D News, GL, DirectX Currently, NVIDIA is really missing out on the netbook market, which is dominated by all-Intel platform designs. NVIDIA has finally woken up to this reality, and the outspoken cofounder, president, and CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, has launched an all-out campaign to promote his company's Ion platform - and he isn't shy of flinging some poo to Intel and netbooks in general.
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RE: These bigwigs need to GAFC
by bornagainenguin on Thu 29th Jan 2009 18:48 UTC in reply to "These bigwigs need to GAFC"
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deathshadow pundited...

He also talks about working with windows mobile - got news for him. NOBODY wants a real processor running windows mobile in anything larger than a phone!

You'd be surprised. Have you seen how much HP Jordanas and NEC Mobile Pros still go for these days?

deathshadow pointed out...
Windows mobile is a technological dead end because it is NOT fully compatable with any other OS excepting a handful of .net based appliactions. At that point you might as well run Linux with XFCE and at least HAVE a software base.

Absolutely agree with this! This is also the reason why these (WinCE) devices don't tend to last long in the hands of someone with more than word processing in mind. Unless the manufacturer goes out of their way to bundle the device with applications most of the time the unfortunate user finds himself limited to the Microsoft 'pocket' apps. You wouldn't believe how swiftly apps come and go in WinCE / WinMo!

This seems to be one of the places Apple has gotten it right so far; it will be interesting to see if it is still possible to use older apps on newer devices or if it will be possible to use newer apps on older devices as their app store continues to grow.

The sad thing for Microsoft is if they hadn't abandoned this market they could have owned it completely earlier on in, but now just as they start to see the benefits of it they are being rendered insignificant in it due to the richer software base available elsewhere.

It has become a self-fulling prophecy, because Microsoft treated WinCE / WinMo like a toy it has been relegated to toylike status.


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