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Multimedia, AV Calm down, calm down. It was simply a manner of speech. No, they haven't developed the all too popular garments that render the wearer invisible, but we are about to take a look at some pretty spiffy technology that will doubtlessly save you some space in the family room as well as give you something to brag about to your somewhat less technologically inclined friends: "invisible" speakers.
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From this article

"On either end, piezo actuators tug on the membrane at an extremely fast rate to create terrific (my words ... I heard it) stereo sound. The left speaker is on that side of the membrane while the other side houses the right side speaker (remember, the membrane is the speaker. There are no speaker speakers, if you will)."

Obviously not as good as speakers placed all over a room, but just as good or better than regular speakers attached to the side of the monitor.

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