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3D News, GL, DirectX Currently, NVIDIA is really missing out on the netbook market, which is dominated by all-Intel platform designs. NVIDIA has finally woken up to this reality, and the outspoken cofounder, president, and CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, has launched an all-out campaign to promote his company's Ion platform - and he isn't shy of flinging some poo to Intel and netbooks in general.
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Prepare for 'eyes rolling'
by kaiwai on Thu 29th Jan 2009 22:12 UTC
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Today’s netbooks are low-cost PCs that don’t work very well, and that Atom could potentially hurt the software industry.

You mean that, shock horror, software industry might actually have to go back to making sure their code is tight and efficient - over the idea of throwing a million half baked features at a wall in a vain hope of some actually sticking? Yes, I know, how absolutely terrible! and perish the thought - the treadmill which they have banked their whole business on will gradually go from a frantic pace to a leisurely walk.

But going by his statement, apparently it is the software industries responsibility to keep the hardware industry afloat; nice to see yet another executive passing the buck. What next? we're going to see this guy blame the Atom for low profits at Nvidia in the next quarterly release?

Huang said he doesn’t understand why Intel would potentially discourage OEMs from adopting ION, saying, “Great PCs help Intel. Great PCs help humanity.”

If by humanity you mean your back pocket, then sure, it helps humanity. For some strange reason I think that Bob who sits in a grass hut is more concerned with learning how to read, write, understand basic maths, and his government enforcing property rights through a honest judicial system than whether or not your ion platform makes the 10 ten requirements for the Masai tribes folk.

As for Intel - they want to sell the complete widget; something you should be trying to do - but being an epic failure so far. If you wanted to provide the whole widget - why don't you put those ARM licences to some use besides them gathering dust in the corner.

AMD’s Neo platform will “destroy” Intel’s Atom processor/ integrated graphics solution.

Which I doubt; if they keep bundling Broadcom wireless chips as part of their platform - the hope of Linux (or any other alternative platform) being able to use that platform will pretty much be a dead end. The day when AMD finally kick Broadcom to the curb and use something made by a company who doesn't express hatred towards opensource will be the day that AMD will become mine (and many others) platform of choice. Until then it is all Intel for me and vendors who wish to make Linux based netbook solutions.

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