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Windows "As someone who wants Microsoft to be cooler, I'm all for them making an aggressive pitch to consumers. I say make Windows 7 a simplified, colorful, fun experience for everyday users. Emphasize how it can store and share music and photos. Keep those potential Mac users from switching. Heck, open up retail stores while you're at it. But of course Microsoft has to walk the line here. By kowtowing to consumers, it runs the risk of neglecting its core customer, the business user. In a recent interview on sister site Network World, Windows blogger and editor of Supersite for Windows Paul Thurrott contends that Microsoft is biting the hand that feeds it by leaning heavily on consumer features with Windows 7. Enterprise needs have been reduced to an afterthought, he says."
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RE: consumer os ?
by urkrobshaw on Sun 1st Feb 2009 11:34 UTC in reply to "consumer os ?"
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Microsoft needs to have a quick rethink, and include Windows Classic in the final version

You mean Orb, right click Computer, Properties, Advanced System Settings, Advanced, Settings, Adjust for best performance?

That turns the interface into "windows classic" aka Win2000

It's in win7 already.

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RE[2]: consumer os ?
by raver31 on Sun 1st Feb 2009 19:31 in reply to "RE: consumer os ?"
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Windows Classic has been removed....

It can use a Vista compatible theme to look like classic, but it should still have been left in the default install

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