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In the News Since it's nigh on impossible to produce accurate figures of operating system usage, we have to make do with figures that provide a rough estimate, at best. One such set of statistics are the figures from Net Applications, which tracks the 160 million monthly visitors to its hosted websites. The latest figures from January 2009 have been published, and they show that the rise of Mac OS X continues, as well as that of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unsurprisingly, Windows 7 did quite well too.
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RE: net applications?
by Darkmage on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 14:29 UTC in reply to "net applications?"
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Lack of Linux refinement. We're just getting now to where Microsoft has been for years. nouveau, open ati, hal/dbus are all brilliant projects. when nouveau/all ati cards have open drivers IN kernel with 3d support and randr 1.3 the desktop will be a lot easir to setup. There are still some application holes remaining but they are getting closed. The big problem with convincing someone to go Linux is why would a person want to run Linux? The average person doesn't give a crap about half the issues we think make linux awesome. They want to throw a bluray disc in the drive and have it play back menus and all. Linux can't do that at the moment. (I actually have a bluray drive hacked the firmware and run movies in linux it's a PAIN IN THE ASS have to decrypt and feed the vid into mplayer with a pipe to play off the disc, else I have to dump to my hdd.) anyway the point is that it has to just work. with EVERYTHING. Every little detail. We have to aim for Mac as a minimum in terms of ease of use. Really we need to aim higher again. We need maximum interoperability. More wine work (those guys are brilliant and the current progress of wine is amazing.) native apps are great, we need more of them and in different fields. I'd like to see more full featured 3d modellers than just blender (I am coding one at the moment so don't ask me to put my money where my mouth is) Game developers need to stop writing engines. We've got 50+ engines now that are high quality such
as Ogre and Vegastrike and Crystal Space.
Ten years ago we started writing vegastrike and ten years later we've got a good engine and some good art but we're stalling due to a lack of tools for telling stories with.

Most game developers don't want to learn python. They want to click to create a waypoint and click on a ship and select what they want it to do. Fred/fred2 (freespace editor) are good lessons in design for budding game developers. What the games really lack now are tools like level editors and mission/star system editors. Make Linux games have point/click mission creation like freespace 2 had on windows and I guarantee a large gaming community will form around them.

It's all about making people's lives easier. One of Linux' big strengths is it can leverage it's various parts to create things other platforms can't do as easily or as well. Things like XBMC and mythtv are brilliant. No one installs XBMC thinking I want to run XBMC. They install it thinking I want to watch a LOT of movies and tv shows and I want it all managed for me in an easy to view format.

People think about results not how they get them. At the moment Linux contains a bunch of well engineered tools but now they need to be given purpose and focus. Take compiz. It looks great, but can you really justify using it? how does it make your life better? Now if you use compiz effects to bring user attention to notifications and help them focus on their primary work window that's a good use. More work needs to be done to figure out howto exploit existing tech we already have to be useful.

We need to push R&D and development of the platform beyond what mac and windows can do otherwise we'll always be stuck in their wash. Apple created OpenCL.

What's Linux doing to promote an open audio api standard among vendors? Where's the Linux tech to do advanced processing on multicore/cpu/gpu systems? At the moment we're letting Microsoft and Apple lead the market, and that's why they're leading the marketshare.

They'll start making inroads into traditional Linux strongholds soon if we're not careful. Stuff like OpenCL makes Apple into a very legitimate platform for multicore parallel scientific work which is a traditional Linux area. Microsoft is standardising their BDA driver architecture which will cut into using linux as a media center (Media portal/windows media center is already doing this). Why have a linux media center that supports most formats when a windows one supports all the formats as well as bluray AND plays all your games.

My background is gaming and game development as well as media center pcs. I've got 3 hdtv tuner cards I run linux and I have about 500+gb of games installed Most of which are Windows based (run in wine, I have not had windows installed on my pc in about 8 years although I do keep a copy around on my laptop). I do have at least 50gb of Linux games installed. The platform in my opinion is not as bad off for gaming as many people like to moan and whine about. Almost all of the Lucasarts' titles run. Most EA stuff I've thrown at it loads. Dos is 99% working via dosbox.

Things like there is still 10+ years on no tool for configuring surround sound and speakers are big hinders to adoption. Although Ubuntu looks like they'll finally fix it. For that matter in the last 3 years the only distro that seems to have done anything useful for the desktop has been Ubuntu. I don't use Ubuntu but the applications that have flowed out of that project have been high quality and numerous. More people need to be taking a page out of their book. It's not that Ubuntu/ is the only group working on making Linux easier to use but they are the only group that seems to be creating standard open tools to edit system configuration.There are too many distro specific tools to setup video and audio and it's a mess to figure them all out.

(btw is anyone interested in writing libbluray? the encryption has been totally cracked now it's just all the code for it is in java ;) forums have the sourcecode).

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what does that have to do with those questionable "surface" stats"

MS spends 1B marketing & 6B R&D a year?
And yet in that 1080p TV/monitor is either Tron or Linux?

the point being it is the same 1's & 0's
just packaged & marketed (or not) differently?

and like many/most of the salacious headlines & intro copy,there is much more or different info.... if one looks?

Just saying ?

Did not know nouveau did anything with ATI/AMD?
But works well with the nVidia cards I have?
But have you worked/played with Neuros stuff?
there is even a bounty? see


anyway just saying ?
why no netbooks,MIDs or gphones or whatever?

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RE[2]: net applications?
by Lennie on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 16:48 in reply to "RE: net applications?"
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I'm all for praising Ubuntu/Debian, but you shouldn't forget Fedora, a lot of what is in Ubuntu also comes from Fedora.

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