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In the News Since it's nigh on impossible to produce accurate figures of operating system usage, we have to make do with figures that provide a rough estimate, at best. One such set of statistics are the figures from Net Applications, which tracks the 160 million monthly visitors to its hosted websites. The latest figures from January 2009 have been published, and they show that the rise of Mac OS X continues, as well as that of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unsurprisingly, Windows 7 did quite well too.
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RE[4]: Sample Size
by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 17:54 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Sample Size"
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And from other side if sample size is 160 000 000 you will not be able even to input this number into computer statistics programs.

Uhm, I've actually studied statistics rather vigorously at university, and what on earth makes you think a statistics program can't handle 160m? My EUR 3 calculator can even handle that number!

Do you have any background in this subject at all?

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by GODhack on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 18:08 in reply to "RE[4]: Sample Size"
RE[6]: Sample Size
by Bobthearch on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 18:41 in reply to "RE[5]: Sample Size"
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You're joking, right?

160,000,000 users visit some websites. 140,000,000 of those people used Windows. That means that 88% of the visitors were using Windows.

C'mon, a $1 calculator from WalMart could compute that.

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