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Windows Windows 7 was causing quite a bit of hype months before its release, and now that it's finally out into the void, you'd think people would be contentedly beta-ing the system and be happy to wait until the wrinkles are smoothed, right? Apparently not, at least for a certain Kelly Poe and now over 2,500 Windows 7 enthusiasts.
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RE[2]: Release Windows 7 now???
by John Blink on Wed 4th Feb 2009 08:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Release Windows 7 now???"
John Blink
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I will give you a simple example.

I installed it on my eeepc 1000hd.

It detected all drivers except ethernet and intel video.

I installed the drivers, played an xvid and windows 7 locked up couldn't move the mouse or press the start key on the keyboard to shut it down.

PS. I didn't try playing an xvid file before installing those drivers. It may have been a driver issue.

But it did lock up on a fresh install.

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