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Windows Windows 7 was causing quite a bit of hype months before its release, and now that it's finally out into the void, you'd think people would be contentedly beta-ing the system and be happy to wait until the wrinkles are smoothed, right? Apparently not, at least for a certain Kelly Poe and now over 2,500 Windows 7 enthusiasts.
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RE[2]: Release Windows 7 now???
by grat on Wed 4th Feb 2009 15:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Release Windows 7 now???"
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I've got the beta on two systems... a homebuilt AMD / NVidia desktop, and it's been fine. No crashes, and very few quirks.

Then there's the year old Vaio laptop. Not all the vista drivers work (some won't load, some will load and not work, some load and work), and playing a video usually results in a BSOD and a memory dump. It was too unstable for use, so I went back to Vista.

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