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Linux With Linux traditionally coming in many, many flavours, a common call among some Linux fans - but mostly among people who actually do not use Linux - is to standardise all the various distributions, and work from a single "one-distribution-to-rule-them-all". In a recent interview, Linus Tovalds discarded the idea, stating that he thinks "it's something absolutely required!"
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2005-07-06's about having a reference-distribution like the BSDs have

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My understanding is that BSDs differ by kernel where Linux distros differ by user space. The BSDs may draw from the same package library but the kernels can be very different.

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It's kind of ironic that he wants multiple distributions, but "people who argue for splitting desktop kernels from server kernels are total morons, and only show that they don't know what the hell they are talking about."

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The reference is LSB...

There is no reference BSD though, there is either FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, or Darwin. You then pick and choose from there...

Difference being, the BSD's can't even decide on the kernel, let alone the rest of the system!

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but thats the point
the BSDs differe from top to bottom
you don't have 7000 variants of freebsd, you have 1 freebsd
and the next bsd has not just a patchwork-freebsd kernel but its own one (be it netbsd or openbsd)

i belive that a lot would be won if linus would make a base-distribution every other linux distribution must be compatible with

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