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Java The JNode project has released a new version of their Java-based operating system. Apart from a small nanokernel written in assembler, JNode is written entirely in Java. The reason for undertaking this effort is to provide those that like the idea of a Java operating system something to work with. Obviously, version 0.2.8 improves JNode in several areas.
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the design
by alucinor on Wed 4th Feb 2009 22:15 UTC
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So what's the architecture like? It's a microkernel, I got that much. Is it being designed like UNIX? Are they leveraging any of the unique properties of having an OS written in a managed language, such as Singularity is taking advantage of? Hmm, not much on the site that answers these questions.

I suppose I could look at the code ... I assume something BSD-looking awaits.

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RE: the design
by Elv13 on Thu 5th Feb 2009 01:44 in reply to "the design"
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It is in assembler, I don't think nobody will ever try (again) to write a POSIX compatible OS in assembler, it is Java anyway, not C so I don't think they need posix API anyway, java is crossplateform by design so they should have everything the need (in therm of API) in Java itself. It is not a bad idea after all, Java on Unix and Windows mostly suck, if they can make someting dedicated to run java apps, it -may- run faster a little.

P.S: I hate Java

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