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Linux With Linux traditionally coming in many, many flavours, a common call among some Linux fans - but mostly among people who actually do not use Linux - is to standardise all the various distributions, and work from a single "one-distribution-to-rule-them-all". In a recent interview, Linus Tovalds discarded the idea, stating that he thinks "it's something absolutely required!"
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Wasted effort?
by Lunitik on Wed 4th Feb 2009 23:29 UTC
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"...a lot of effort is wasted on duplicate efforts, because all major distributions spend a lot of time packaging the same software over and over again in different package formats..."

How do you know that these people would have actually contributed in any other way to the Linux ecosystem if they weren't working on a specific package management system? Whats to say that they haven't added to the Linux ecosystem because people enjoy that package management system more?

I hate that people think we need ISV's and thus have to cater to them... the ISV's should just provide their software in a basic format like tar.gz, and let the distros sort out getting it to the users...

Its not wasted effort when you have that many more people fixing and filing bugs with actual knowledge of the system. It helps upstream when some of this work is done downstream. If there was only one distro, and one package management system, it would just limit the amount of eyes looking at the code, and it would hinder the adoption of Linux because the resulting system would cater to even less people.

It is purely ignorant though to say that if they weren't doing A then they could be working on B, what if B simply doesn't interest them? If it weren't for A, there would just be one less developer with a vested interest in Linux. This isn't a corporate proprietary system, you aren't forced to work on anything by an employer. If you dislike the stuff say RedHat is forcing you to work on, nothing stops you from quitting or working on something else when you get home. People will scratch the itches they feel need scratching, and everyone benefits when they do.

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