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Linux With Linux traditionally coming in many, many flavours, a common call among some Linux fans - but mostly among people who actually do not use Linux - is to standardise all the various distributions, and work from a single "one-distribution-to-rule-them-all". In a recent interview, Linus Tovalds discarded the idea, stating that he thinks "it's something absolutely required!"
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How does one manage to choose a breakfast cereal or flavour of icecream? Dare I say; choose a model of car?

The people who make a point of complicating the choice are usually detractors trying to feel better by putting something else down. Really, you can choose in five questions or less and since the average user who would have an issue choosing is unlikely to be installing there own system anyhow, it becomes up to the store rep or system tech.

For those that want to give a go alone:

Pick one or all and give them a try. Booting a liveCD on one's system or for someone who is looking at systems takes five minutes per option. The first two will probably provide a selection though the third is well liked and the fourth give the business folks a brand name to feel good about.

The only reason it's easy for me is because I took some time to look at the options. I do the same for any purchase or selection though. I wouldn't toss any old cogs on my mountain bike. I don't grab a shirt off the first rack in the store and buy it without trying it on or looking at the other available items.

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