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SGI and IRIX If there is one company out there that embodies "former glory", it just has to be Silicon Graphics Incorporated. Once one of the most well-respected high-performance computer and software makers of the world, it is now a mere shadow of its former self. The most recent set of financial results from the company do not bode well for the already troubled company.
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Not surprising
by mdoverkil on Sat 7th Feb 2009 12:28 UTC
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This shouldn't be surprising. The supercomputing market is heavily dependent on gov't spending. With gov't across the world trying to cut spending; the traditional supercomputing market is probably going to take a nasty hit. For a company like IBM that isn't a huge deal,they have their regular enterprise and consumer operations to absorb the hit. SGI has no such luxury

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RE: Not surprising
by evangs on Sun 8th Feb 2009 09:05 in reply to "Not surprising"
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With gov't across the world trying to cut spending...

In an ideal world, yes that would happen. Out here in the real world, the UK (and from what I gather the US thanks to the "stimulus" bill) governments are doing anything but cutting spending.

Perhaps SGI should line up and ask for a slice of the stimulus pie? The US government seems to be bailing out everyone, might as well bail out SGI who has given us OpenGL, an early C++ STL implementation, XFS and various other nice stuff.

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