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Windows One of the big hypes of Windows 7 was the new integrated touch and multitouch features unheard of in previous systems. On paper, it all looks nice, but the folks over at Engadget recently tested out these said features of the beta on an HP TouchSmart PC, and were underwhelmed by the efficiency of the features.
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RE[2]: To gimmicky
by Laurence on Sat 7th Feb 2009 15:05 UTC in reply to "RE: To gimmicky"
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Well, a touchscreen may not be a replacement for a keyboard, but it certainly can be a replacement for a mouse. In fact, a decent touchscreen works better than a mouse in many cases. It's just useless if whatever you're doing requires any typing.

Touch-screen already is a replacement for a keyboard on PDAs. In fact, while it's not 100% accurate, i actually find it's quicker to use the handwriting recognition on my PDA than it would be to use a smaller keyboard (particularly in the case of smart phones where you'd otherwise have to multi-tap numbers to bring up the correct alpha characters)

I think the problem with touch-screen is it's being sold as a pioneering solution when in fact it's just an evolutionary tool.
It may one-day grow into a keyboard-killer, but at the moment it's just another tool for those who choose to use it (much like a joystick / gamepad is to gamers)

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