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Windows One of the big hypes of Windows 7 was the new integrated touch and multitouch features unheard of in previous systems. On paper, it all looks nice, but the folks over at Engadget recently tested out these said features of the beta on an HP TouchSmart PC, and were underwhelmed by the efficiency of the features.
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RE: To gimmicky
by rajan r on Sat 7th Feb 2009 16:51 UTC in reply to "To gimmicky"
rajan r
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I have a MacBook Aluminium, and the frequency I use multitouch features (albeit from the trackpad) is high enough that I really don't think it can be called a useless feature. On websites with small text (and on Firefox 3.1, small images), pinching is a lot easier and faster than using the keyboard shortcut. And on Pages and Keynote 09, I frequently use multitouch to resize pictures and charts.

One key thing that Engadget missed is that what Windows 7 brings is multitouch gestures that work in applications that don't explicitly support it. Before Firefox 3.1 came out, I switched to Safari simply because of the three finger swipe (and now that 3.1 has more gestures that I use more frequently, it is hard to go back to Safari).

It's a tall order for Microsoft, but it is above and beyond what Apple has done on OS X.

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RE[2]: To gimmicky
by deathshadow on Sun 8th Feb 2009 10:07 in reply to "RE: To gimmicky"
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funny, I just use this thing called a mouse wheel... But then I don't use trackpags on laptops as for me they are in the wrong location, too small, and not accurate enough to actually do anything with. Much less that on my G4 powerbook or my iMac I automatically use a non-apple mouse since the OS supports multiple buttons, apple just has their head wedged permanantly up their ass about actually shipping a useful one. (see the train wreck the 'mighty' mouse was.)

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