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Mono Project The Mono guys got their software to run on Nokia's upcoming 770 Linux internet appliance. More here and a screenshot here.
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RE[6]: MONO license issue
by on Wed 21st Sep 2005 20:15 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: MONO license issue"

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>Mr Troll

Great start with a flame.

>I don't see anywhere the fact that Novel _should_
>address the licence issues. Currently we have NO
>problems. If you are afraid enough of Microsoft -or you,
> and all the trolls around are afraid of changing their
>current languages-, then stop trolling.

Well, then I certainly won't use the technology and I will warn as many people as possible to the risk involved.

>Everytime -my God, everytime- an article about Mono
>appears you ALWAYS appear with FUD comments. Always.
>It looks like something personal. Really. Get a life.

How can you call this FUD? I cited the actual patent application in my post!!! You just responded with an off-topic flame.

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