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Legal The legal case between Apple and Psystar has just taken another, very small turn. Psystar gained a small victory over Apple today, because U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup allowed Psystar to modify its counter-suit against Apple, after he had dismissed the original counter-suit. However, something more interesting came out of this ruling: the judge hinted at what would happen if Psystar were to win.
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To be quite honest when I had a problem with my Psystar Mac I never even thought once about calling Apple Support. I purchased my computer from Psystar and they were the only ones I even thought of calling for support. Since they took good care of my problem there was no need to call anyone else.

Quite honestly as far as Mac X goes there is really no need to call Apple. It just works and works great!


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Now that you mention that, it's just like with Windows. When people have trouble with their machines bought from Dell, HP, etcetera, they don't call Microsoft (well, perhaps some do, but in the cases I've witnessed, and I've witnessed many), they contact the OEM. People buying from Psystar won't call Apple, they'll call Psystar, just as you did. Makes sense.

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