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X11, Window Managers Ever since its inception, there have been problems with Compiz; people unsatisfied with the direction of the project forked it, then they merged again. Recently, the project, now known as Compiz Fusion, faced other problems, such as multiple branches and a lack of direction. A major reorganisation of the project is supposed to fix all this.
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RE: KWin
by Laurence on Tue 10th Feb 2009 21:30 UTC in reply to "KWin"
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KWin in KDE4.2 is far superior to Compiz in most ways IMNSHO.


I've only tried KWin 4.1 (and only on two machines) but I found it significantly slower, not as pretty and a massively reduced number and range of effects.

Compiz Fusion massively trumps KWin 4.1 so unless KWin4.2's rendering has progressed significantly in only a few months then I really struggle to see how you draw that conclusion.

That said, KDE4.x + Compiz Fusion is a killer combo.

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RE[2]: KWin
by superstoned on Wed 11th Feb 2009 10:18 in reply to "RE: KWin"
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KWin in 4.2 is much faster and looks much better than the one in KDE 4.1 - KDE development goes very fast ;-)

Check the visual guide if you wanna know more.

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