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BeOS & Derivatives Back when it was becoming clear that the time of the BeOS had come and gone, enthusiasts immediately set up the OpenBeOS project, an attempt to recreate the Be operating system from scratch, using a MIT-like license. The project faced difficult odds, and numerous times progress seemed quite slow. Still, persistence pays off, and the first alpha release is drawing ever closer. We decided to take a look at where Haiku currently stands.
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I think the best option for projects like this is to focus on virtualbox which now even has 3D.

In the long run just on on top of Linux+X+OpenGL+Virtualbox.

This somehow defies the purpose of an operating system, moreso of one which is known to be extraordinarily slim and fast. If you have to first boot Linux to boot Haiku, the whole exercise becomes somewhat pointless, especially if you consider that the host operation offers a much broader choice of applications than the guest. All that Haiku in VirtualBox would offer you this "it looks like BeOS" experience. But as soon as your curiosity has been satisfied, you will most likely return to your GNOME/KDE/Windows/XFCE/[Other desktop of choice] and continue with your serious work there.

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