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General Unix If you've spent hours on a task, such as debugging an application, it can be maddening to lose your work in an instant. This article shows you how to keep your shell and your work alive, even across multiple sessions and dropped connections using GNU Screen. Screen is a remarkable tool that you will quickly find invaluable in any work you perform on the command line. In fact, use it once, and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.
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Comment by BSDfan
by BSDfan on Thu 12th Feb 2009 01:24 UTC
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RE: Comment by BSDfan
by skypher on Thu 12th Feb 2009 09:16 in reply to "Comment by BSDfan"
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Yeah, tmux is a cool alternative since 0.7.

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RE: Comment by BSDfan
by apotheon on Thu 12th Feb 2009 20:57 in reply to "Comment by BSDfan"
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Hell yes. I much prefer tmux over GNU Screen -- for its licensing, its interface, its client/server architecture, its stability, and its lightweight design. GNU Screen has a few features that tmux lacks, but those features may as well not exist, considering the way I use a terminal multiplexer.

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RE: Comment by BSDfan
by phoenix on Thu 12th Feb 2009 22:03 in reply to "Comment by BSDfan"
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The nicest thing I like about tmux compared to screen, is that out-of-the-box, the keybindings don't mess up CLI navigation. ie CTRL+A still means "beginning of line" and not "enter command mode". Once less thing to configure on all the servers.

Now, if only someone would port it to Debian. ;)

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RE[2]: Comment by BSDfan
by BSDfan on Fri 13th Feb 2009 03:38 in reply to "RE: Comment by BSDfan"
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Compile it yourself? it should work on Linux.. BSD.. any Unix worth using.

For debian specifically, google relieved this:

It's outdated though, just compile it yourself.

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RE: Comment by BSDfan
by backdoc on Mon 16th Feb 2009 23:11 in reply to "Comment by BSDfan"
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macbook-pro:~ backdoc$ tmux
-bash: tmux: command not found

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