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BeOS & Derivatives Back when it was becoming clear that the time of the BeOS had come and gone, enthusiasts immediately set up the OpenBeOS project, an attempt to recreate the Be operating system from scratch, using a MIT-like license. The project faced difficult odds, and numerous times progress seemed quite slow. Still, persistence pays off, and the first alpha release is drawing ever closer. We decided to take a look at where Haiku currently stands.
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RE[3]: But why?
by izomiac on Thu 12th Feb 2009 02:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: But why?"
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No one really cares about this since no one really resets his computer 10-20 times a day to see the difference.
Sure it matters, I'd be pretty pissed if my TV took 2 minutes to start up, and I rarely use it. Different expectations and all. OTOH, people that reboot 10 times a day tend to be dual booting... which I think is the target audience for now (that and VMs).

Linux/Vista feel fast on Core2 Duo with 4GB of RAM... MacOS X is fast too.
I'm using the Windows 7 beta, and while nicer than Vista, it's still an order of magnitude slower than the BeOS or Haiku. If you're just comparing Linux, MacOS, and Windows then you lack a good point of comparison.

* easiest software distribution model...
MacOS, maybe Linux?

Meh, different strokes for different folks. Personally, I hate the way Linux does that... "ipkg install package-3.2452.123.1"... Ok, looks like it worked... now what just happened, and where did the executable go?

Besides multiple monitors, who need independent resolutions for different virtual desktops?
Web developers, people that prefer working at a lower than maximum resolution for most day-to-day stuff...

Uhm, Linux?
Ya know, just because Haiku exists doesn't mean you have to stop using Linux. Also, OSes borrow features from each other all the time. And competition is a good thing.

* powerful and efficient file-system
Linux? OpenSolaris?

Having is not the same as using. Tracker queries have been a major feature of the BeOS for a long time.

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