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Linux Cuba recently launched its own answer to Windows this week, or, in the bigger picture, what the Cubans are calling "US Hegemony." Nova, the new open source OS being offered by the Cuban government, is being made to boot out US-based Microsoft products.
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You do know that Russia isn't communist anymore, right?

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You know they still spy on us, and we still spy on them, right? You know they have thousands of nuclear weapons, right? Please reply when you've passed 7th grade social studies.

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No shit, really? They still have spies and weapons? Thanks Prof. Obvious.
Congratulations on missing the point, it being that the ties with Cuba are not as strong as back when the Soviet Union existed and was communist.

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You do know that Russia isn't communist anymore, right?

I believe fascist would be the more appropriate term to describe the political system in Russia today under Putin.

Here is a excerpt from Wikipedia on the definition of Fascism.

Fascism is an authoritarian nationalist ideology focused on solving economic, political, and social problems that its supporters see as causing national decline or decadence. Fascists aim to create a single-party state in which the government is led by a dictator who seeks unity by requiring individuals to subordinate self-interest to the collective interest of the nation or a race. Fascist movements promote violent conflict between nations, political factions, and races as part of a social Darwinist view that conflict between these groups is natural and a part of evolution

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