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Linux Cuba recently launched its own answer to Windows this week, or, in the bigger picture, what the Cubans are calling "US Hegemony." Nova, the new open source OS being offered by the Cuban government, is being made to boot out US-based Microsoft products.
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Looks like the Free(dom Fries) Software Movement(tm) has made some interesting bedfellows!

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Probably going to see a lot more of this in third world countries. As you pointed, some open source applications may not be suitable for the corporate world, but then again not everybody can afford a copy of Photoshop.

Though I sort of would have expected the Russians and Chinese to come up with their own operating systems if they really wanted to be secure.

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Most GNU/Linux vendor are US based or have US offices Red Hat , Novell , Gentoo , etc ... The US government is a huge user of GNU/Linux it's just never mentionned because it's not what cost the most ...

Corporate world mostly use Free Software and Open Source solution , there is more of everything else then there are Microsoft desktop ...

Russia and China already started their switch to Free Software a long time ago.

What's great with Free Software is you can pay someone to adapt it for you and then deploy it once it's ready.

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There are alternatives to Photoshop. Namely Gimp and

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Looks like the Free(dom Fries) Software Movement(tm) has made some interesting bedfellows!

You really cannot help trolling, if it was "Free(dom Fries) Software Movement(tm)", how is it supporting Freedom by setting itself up with a trademark ?

Give it up man, you really are shit at trolling.

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