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Microsoft Following in the footsteps of the likes of Apple and Sony, Microsoft has announced via a press release that it is going to launch a chain of Microsoft-owned and operated retail stores. From the press release it becomes clear that the retail stores are not so much about making huge profits, but more about learning from customers what they want and to spread the Microsoft brand.
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Might Be A Smart Move....
by Pelly on Fri 13th Feb 2009 12:23 UTC
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This might turn out to be a very smart move that could garner Microsoft a brighter future.

In the last several years, Linux has moved forward as have BSD, OSX and others. Add to this the recent blow to MS when Cuba announced they were going to move away from MS products. Losing an entire government is a huge financial set-back.

It might be nice to go into a Microsoft Store and try out their new hardware & software products? Remember when Apple relaeased the iPhone? EVERY Apple store was packed with people playing with and purchasing iPhones.

Every company drools at the prospect of having what Apple had with the release of the iPhone.

I'd be interested in seeing what MS does with their concept of a retail store. Would it rival Apple? Would it force Apple to change/add locations or alter their pricing?

There are a lot of plus factors in this, regardless of how people feel about MS.

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RE: Might Be A Smart Move....
by dmrio on Fri 13th Feb 2009 12:49 in reply to "Might Be A Smart Move...."
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A very smart one. Microsoft already have a strong relationship with corporate consumers and this should strenght it even more, given the fact that people tend to see the Microsoft brand often. There is a household market to conquer (expand?), and a Microsoft Retail Store is a good place to show how Windows is easy for grandma.

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RE: Might Be A Smart Move....
by helf on Fri 13th Feb 2009 13:07 in reply to "Might Be A Smart Move...."
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um, Cuba didn't pay for most, if any, of their MS software.

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I'm amazed that anything but BSD isn't banned on Cuba.

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RE: Might Be A Smart Move....
by Moulinneuf on Fri 13th Feb 2009 19:08 in reply to "Might Be A Smart Move...."
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BSD advance , where ? the only project that got wide release is Google chrome and by all measure of wide release by Google it's a failure.

iTune store and App store are more a success then the iPhone itself.

Does Lada , Opel , Ford affect Ferrari decisions ? Answer is No.

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