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Gnome A very, very long time ago I personally advocated the inclusion of a certain feature into GNOME. We set up a poll at OSNews, which resulted in a very, very resounding "yes!" from the OSNews community - many of which are GNOME users. The feature in question was the global application menubar, which allowed the GNOME desktop to have a menu bar atop the screen similar to that of Mac OS X. The poll is long gone, the debate thread in the Bugzilla has died out, and no decision has yet been made. I wanted to know where this feature stands, and how much the developers have improved it, and I was in for a surprise.
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"Or, as so stated by the late George Carlin:

I'm finding that the real bummer about being 45 is that entirely too many people, once a part of my life, are now "late". When watching Star Trek movies, I find myself keeping a tally: "He's dead. She's dead. She's dead. He's dead."

It's disturbing.

Bones, Scotty, Khan

Thats 3, is there any I missed ?

I understand what you mean in your post, however, sometimes I find it strange when I find out some people who are still alive

Jack Klugman (Quincy), Jerry Lewis, Kirk Douglas, Norman Wisdom, Cliff Richard, the list goes on, so to speak

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Bones, Scotty, Khan
Thats 3, is there any I missed ?

Plenty. Mark Lenard (Sarek), Jane Wyatt (Amanda), DeForest Kelly (McCoy), James Doohan (Scotty), Ricardo Mantalban (Khan), Majel Barret Roddenberry (Chapel/Number One), Gene Rodenberry, Persis Khambatta (Ilia), Bibi Besch (Carol Marcus), Merrit Butrick (David Marcus)...

Star Trek has done better than some. The entire cast of "I Love Lucy" is long dead.

Hope this post brings a bit of cheer to your day. :-(

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