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Google A major complaint about Google's Chrome web browser has been that so far, it is still not available on anything other than Windows. Google promised to deliver Chrome to Mac OS X and Linux as well, but as it turns out, this is a little harder than they anticipated, Ben Goodger, Google's Chrome interface lead, has explained in an email. It has also been revealed what toolkit the Linux version of Chrome will use: Gtk+.
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RE: QT4 apps on Gnome
by Daniel Borgmann on Sun 15th Feb 2009 14:14 UTC in reply to "QT4 apps on Gnome"
Daniel Borgmann
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I wouldn't be interested in running Chrome on any system, if it would be a cross-platform Qt application. Not because I have anything against Qt, it's a great toolkit and I generally love using applications using it. But the browser is a different thing. Chrome is not filling any holes, there are fantastic native browsers on any platform, and then there is Firefox.

The one selling point Chrome really has, is that it works that tiny bit faster and slicker than every other browser. It's not any big feature that makes the difference with Chrome, it's the tiniest details in the user interface and performance.

Much of the Chrome interface is already custom anyway, and a native port gives them the control they need to make it work just right for the browser, while also respecting platform standards. If Chrome would use exactly the same interface on Mac and Linux however, I wouldn't want to use it, period (Firefox has exactly that problem, they band-aid the major issues, but smaller issues always remain).

I am very much looking forward to the Mac port of Chrome. A fast, native browser that beats Safari in ergonomics? I'm sold! Neither Safari nor Firefox make me entirely happy right now, but yet another cross-platform browser wouldn't even be a competition.

On Linux/GNOME I am very curious what they will do, but I think it will be the hardest platform for them to get right.

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