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Mozilla & Gecko clones Bespin is an experimental in-browser text/source-editor created by Mozilla Labs. Using any modern web browser (that means no IE, obviously), you can edit your projects from any computer, or with the added flexibility of the web - such as online collaboration, decentralisation, and extensibility. Read more for Kroc's review.
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Cute toy
by deathshadow on Mon 16th Feb 2009 01:33 UTC
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Utterly impractical... Interesting solely as an exploration of what is possible.

Though the ugly colors that seem to have been intentionally chosen to make cleartype look bad is kind of strange.

Also find it odd there's zero support for Opera... but of course it's a HTML 5 demo - Go gecko implementing new crap when they still have decade old CSS2 and HTML4 errors listed in bugzilla!

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