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Linux The ArchLinux Release Engineering Team announced the official release of the 2009.02 ISO after a long period of intense development. This distribution is among the first to officially support the new Ext4 filesystem. I've always noticed that Arch seems to be quite popular among OSNews readers, and I'm interested to know from our Arch users: why? What makes Arch such a good Linux distribution?
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Question re: rolling release
by bosco_bearbank on Tue 17th Feb 2009 23:09 UTC
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I've never used Arch, so I have no personal experiences to relate, but I do have a question regarding rolling releases. I run Fedora Rawhide, which can, to some extent, also be considered a rolling release. How does the rolling release aspect of Arch differ from that of Fedora Rawhide?

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RE: Question re: rolling release
by ralsina on Tue 17th Feb 2009 23:16 in reply to "Question re: rolling release"
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Arch has its "core"/"extra"/"testing"/"unstable" repos, which are all rolling. It's more like a less calcified Debian, in a way.

I'd say rawhide is somewhere between testing and unstable in general. More towards unstable.

Haven't had a rawhide (or fedora) system in years, though, so I may be mistaken.

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