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Legal Practically before the trial is up and running, The Pirate Bay has achieved a major victory over the entertainment industry. On day two, the prosecutor has dropped half of the charges against the bittorrent website. The remaining charges are much lighter than the ones that have been dropped.
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RE[2]: Comment by merkoth
by RawMustard on Wed 18th Feb 2009 09:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by merkoth"
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It's entertainment, it does not contribute in a meaningful way to humanity surviving. Ask a starving African if he gives a damn about commercial music or movies. It's been overpriced for decades and it's about time the reality stick hit them! People can make their own music and listen to already made works for free.

The Entertainment industry was never responsible for driving civilization and never will be. And they certainly didn't need to make insane profits all those millennia ago to enjoy it either!

They remind me of monsanto complaining about their bullshit seeds growing in some poor farmers paddock!
HELLO! This is planet earth and seeds and music thrive "without" control or money!

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