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Legal Practically before the trial is up and running, The Pirate Bay has achieved a major victory over the entertainment industry. On day two, the prosecutor has dropped half of the charges against the bittorrent website. The remaining charges are much lighter than the ones that have been dropped.
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You just don't get it!
by tryfan on Wed 18th Feb 2009 20:56 UTC
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I can hardly believe the naivety in most of the postings I see here about this case.
It's not about fairness or technology - it's the first real test of what the current Swedish intellectual property laws means.
Laws are political, since it's the parliament who decides upon them - hopefully, in line with what the majority of the people believe. This makes the TPB case a political trial - does the law hold up to what the parliament has decided (and do the parliament interpret the views of the people in the right way)?
No matter if the TPB people get away with it or not, this will be decided in higher courts. If they are freed in the highest court, the law will probably get rewritten. (Or EU law will have to be rewritten - which will take some time; time is the only thing to hope for, if you want the copyright laws to catch up with reality).

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RE: You just don't get it!
by sbergman27 on Wed 18th Feb 2009 21:27 in reply to "You just don't get it!"
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No matter if the TPB people get away with it or not...

Clearly, you are keeping an open mind, and not coming into this with any prejudices.

CNN, your trusted news source, awaits word of whether the murderer will be convicted or freed. ;-)

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