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Editorial Does Windows 7 contain more DRM than Windows Vista? Does Windows 7 limit you from running cracked applications, and will it open the firewall specifically for applications that want to check if they're cracked or not? Does it limit the audio recording capabilities? According to a skimp and badly written post on Slashdot, it does. The Slashdot crowd tore the front page item apart - and rightfully so.
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I missed something ...
by Moulinneuf on Thu 19th Feb 2009 03:15 UTC
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"Irak as WMD ..."
"Resorting to FUD Hurts the Alternatives to Microsoft ..."

IN both cases I missed the real proof , Microsoft expert are saying Microsoft is fudding , the court agree , yet you claim Alternatives are doing it and even more then Microsoft. I fail to see the proof of that here.

I read the content offered and could not find the relation to alternative or Alternative advocate discussing windows 7 and any of the FUD.

Please , be so gracious to point out the names of people and groups I missed or pages of in the actual content with them on it ...

Windows 7 is still a yougn beta ( if Microsoft past release history is any indication ) , so anyone jumping to conclusion now or saying anything about it are just gonna be talking about the beta copy they got , witch the actual number in this case is missing from the explanation , not the actual finished product. Pretty pointless. Beside most people wait for service pack 1 with Microsoft product , to really see how they trully perform.

I am gonna agree with Thom premise that making FUD about other serve no purpose and is hurting the one making it and his credibility.

I am gonna disagree with Thom personnal opinion added in , that offer no real connection or any valid proof bewteen alternative and this comment.

DRM are presnt in all Windows product , you don't like it don't use Microsoft product. You want to dicsuss it , say what you need to say once , don't argue it needlesly with people who disagree.

If history is any indicator , Microsoft problem and discussing them will be at first called as lie and fud and proven true over time , same cycle for every Microsoft releases.

The real alternative problem is not FUD , Microsoft problem are not any alternative gains , Microsoft still as the majority of major brand OEM shipping it's OS as first default even if it's full of bug in the final. That's not the majority of computer , but it's still a visible chunk we need to get on first.

If your a community leader just tell your people that Fudding Microsoft serve no purpose , if they ask you who's done it , say Microsoft claim some alternative did , so your just checking it's none of your people.

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