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Google "Last night we had a geek outing with our favorite hacker, Brian Jepson, who you may remember from our feature on Hacking the XO laptop. This time around Brian got a hold of a development G1 and hacked around with cupcake. Included in the video is a demonstration of the on-screen keyboard, prettier transitions, some fun in the Linux shell, and more. We also have some photos (the video was a little blurry) of the skateboarding androidsâ€"which come up as you hackâ€"and the obligatory Snake game on the Android OS."
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RE[3]: underwhelmed
by liamdawe on Fri 20th Feb 2009 00:19 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: underwhelmed"
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Are you kidding me? Android is an awesome platform and a great phone OS, i have the White G1 and it is the best phone i have ever used, everything is so easy to use.

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RE[4]: underwhelmed
by memson on Fri 20th Feb 2009 09:37 in reply to "RE[3]: underwhelmed"
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Is the G1's battery life as bad as everyone says it is? iPhone has fairly poor battery life - if I use the iPod function for 2 - 3 hours and surf the web on edge and do a few podcast downloads on WIFI/3G, I get 2 days life out of the battery (don't frequently use the phone to make calls during the day, as it's a personal line.) If I don't use much other than EDGE and apps, I can squeeze 3.5 days out of it. I heard the G1 has significantly less battery life in comparison. Is that true?

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RE[5]: underwhelmed
by helf on Fri 20th Feb 2009 16:55 in reply to "RE[4]: underwhelmed"
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damn. I'm doing good to get 2 days out of my Treo 800w with its horribly small stock battery. I haven't had a chance to get an extended one, yet.

*sigh*, I miss the week long battery life of my startac.

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