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Windows With the recent news that Microsoft will not release a second beta but will instead move Windows 7 directly into release candidate stage, several Windows testers have become a tad bit disgruntled. They claim that due to a lack of test builds, they cannot properly test Windows 7 to see if the bugs they submitted have been fixed. As a result, Steven Sinofsky simply replied: email me your concerns.
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bad move
by karl on Sat 21st Feb 2009 05:59 UTC
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Considering all the rough edges present in windows 7 and how unprofessional some of the displayed text and dialog windows appear- a far cry from win95/98/2000, not releasing any further betas is tantamount to cocky arrogance on the part of Microsoft. I sincerely hope they climb down from their arrogance and give users a chance to help them make a better product.

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RE: bad move vs rough edges( win-ex F5's ? )
by pg--az on Sat 21st Feb 2009 09:20 in reply to "bad move"
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...rough edges...

I am using the build 7000 all day long, and it is becoming annoying to always need to manually refresh the Windows-Explorer windows because even sometimes a handful of new files just don't show until I manually refresh the window. With the XP-SP2 this was rare.
Also I had carefully built up the "pinned items" for Explorer and Visual Studio on the Start Menu, and then they all disappeared.
The reliable persistence of stuff like pinned items and publish-subscribe-logic is intricate logic obviously prone to ripples - of course you think it has to be fixed by "RC1", but maybe not ?
I always like to recall the bargaining-position of the Morton Thiokol engineers when management wanted to launch the Challenger. Did you ever think to contrast this with the tenure afforded say Supreme-Court-Justices, so that they need not fear speaking their minds ?

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