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Legal I recently joked that we might want to rename OSNews to CourtNews, and with each passing day that silly joke seems to become less silly. This week, it became clear that Psion Teklogix, the company behind various small computing devices back in the '90s, has started an all-out legal offensive to prohibit other companies from using the term "netbook".
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Chevy Camaro.
by andydread on Sat 21st Feb 2009 12:05 UTC
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I am torn here. If I go with my gut (emotions) I would say that Psion is being a bit silly here. However I just thought of something. GM stopped making the Chevy Camaro for a while. Does that mean that its OK for Nissan and Toyota and other car manufacturers to come up with a new vehicle segment and call it Camaro? I am not sure GM will be too amused at that. And given that Psion is not a troll they had an actual product trademarked Netbook. I think I will have to reluctantly be on the side of Psion in this one. And I think the same would apply if printer manufacturers were to call a new type of printer DeskJet printers or whatever HP wouldn't be smiling either.

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RE: Chevy Camaro.
by JonathanBThompson on Mon 23rd Feb 2009 06:05 in reply to "Chevy Camaro."
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Perhaps one of the things that helps GM protect the Camaro trademark (presumably, it has one, I've not verified) is that they still license and/or manufacture and have for sale replacement parts specifically for the Camaro. What a lot of people are ignoring (including Dell) is that Psion is doing the same thing: by the legal definition of "using in commerce" they have a very valid claim on that part of the requirements, despite what Dell would want the public to believe.

Where Psion may have some real issues is with how long they've waited to make such a visible stink, if the timeline that I've read/heard is correct, but that's left up to the authorities to decide about that delay, and then there's the potential issue that it has been Xeroxed...

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