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Benchmarks "Earlier this month we published an article looking at the Linux versus OpenSolaris performance when using the new AMD Shanghai Opteron CPUs. Ubuntu Linux was faster than OpenSolaris 2008.11 in nearly all of the tests, but as mentioned in that article, OpenSolaris is still dependent upon GCC 3.4 where as Ubuntu and most other Linux distributions are now shipping with the newer and much-improved GCC 4 series. Following that article being published, Sun Microsystems had requested some compiler tests since they were confident the results would be different had their Sun Studio compiler been used. Well, in this article we now have some OpenSolaris benchmarks from the same AMD setup using GCC 3.4, GCC 4.0, and Sun Studio 12."
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RE: Compiler benchmarks...
by gilboa on Sun 22nd Feb 2009 14:49 UTC in reply to "Compiler benchmarks..."
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As far as I could see, only a 1 out of 9 benchmarks was about compilation time.
While less important than other benchmarks (read: actual performance), if you have ever tried to building a (really) huge project project on both GCC (Linux) and VC/CL (Windows), you'll know how it annoying it gets when the Windows build (even with GNU/Make Makes w/ multiple jobs) takes ~3-5 times the time it's takes to build the Linux counter-part. (And I'm being polite)

... Plus, having one useless (?) benchmark doesn't invalidate the rest of thier results.

- Gilboa

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