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Windows With the recent news that Microsoft will not release a second beta but will instead move Windows 7 directly into release candidate stage, several Windows testers have become a tad bit disgruntled. They claim that due to a lack of test builds, they cannot properly test Windows 7 to see if the bugs they submitted have been fixed. As a result, Steven Sinofsky simply replied: email me your concerns.
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Trouble is, if they dump that "legacy crap," they're going to piss off a lot of enterprises that depend on it. A good number of places use software that was written for NT 3.51 or 4.0 and haven't updated it. This could lose Microsoft one of their biggest markets, the corporate enterprise.
I think they could easily solve this via virtualization, and it certainly seems they are moving that way. The legacy APIs and such could easily be provided in a virtual environment, leaving the core of Windows clear. While I'm no lover of Microsoft, I don't dispise them either, and I don't imagine removing and separating out the legacy cruft is an easy task especially for a codebase as big as Windows.

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