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Novell and Ximian Obviously, Linux vendors will not remain untouched by the economic downturn. Novell has already announced a number of lay offs, and the openSUSE Linux division has not been spared. openSUSE board members Pascal Blesser and Bryen Yunashko announced the lay offs.
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RE[2]: Why Opensuse?
by gfolkert on Tue 24th Feb 2009 14:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Why Opensuse?"
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Novell is becoming too good friends with Microsoft as far as I can tell...

Really? I never noticed the Voucher Program. Now I've not noticed this. These two thing in particular are disturbing. Can you please tell me how this means Novell and Microsoft are "partners"?

Really? there is really *NO* evidence they are getting cozy...

Ummm... Yeah. Just what have you been (NOT) noticing the last few years?

Thank you very much Mister Captain Obvious. Consider me "awoke"

/me apologizes for being sarcastic this morning. PCI compliance is a PITA and is ruining my day with farcical requirements aimed at that one OS that keeps getting worms, virus(es?), trojans, key-loggers, Active Hexploits... etc.

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