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Apple Whenever we're talking market share and Macs, it'll inevitably get late. There are different means of measuring market share, and different ways to interpret the resulting data, usually leading to heated debates about who is right and who isn't. Ars decided to take a look at the different methods of measurement and see what they mean.
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by alcibiades on Tue 24th Feb 2009 14:54 UTC
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Ars has run two recent stories on companies, the first on HP, quite a nice informative story by Stokes. The second by the egregious Ms Cheng, whose eyes are tight shut to anything which might shed light on the subject.

There is an interesting story in here about what lies in store for Apple. It would begin with what is happening to total PC unit sales and revenues based on Far East information. It would go on to enquire into the effect of the netbook segment in this environment and how Apple will react. And finally it would consider efi-x, PearC and Psystar and potential impacts on PC hardware margins. It would go on to consider the nature and evolution of the phone market. And it would conclude by asking what PE ratio you should be happy with, and how much and how predictable growth you expect in exchange, and what risks you have built in to that valuation.

After you get through with this, AAPL is not going to look cheap to you at 90. Or, I suspect, at 45 when it eventually gets there. Piper Jaffray however, being sell side, will continue enthusiastic about it right down until 10, at which point they will cease coverage.

Yes, there is money in the bank. It will not help. You are not buying Apple to have money on deposit with money market funds. One hopes!

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