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Hardware, Embedded Systems Chip company ARM is prepping to make its move into the netbook market, and now it has shown off a few prototype designs that really show off the benefits of using the ARM platform: thanks to passive cooling, no fans are required, enabling ARM netbooks to be much thinner and lighter than their Intel counterparts. Thanks to ZDNet, we have a nice video overview of these ARM netbooks - as well as a few very tiny ARM desktop machines.
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RE[3]: Windows
by arpan on Tue 24th Feb 2009 20:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Windows"
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I'm not sure it is going to be that easy for MS.

Windows is used on x86 netbooks because it is useful to be able to run a lot of windows software.

But since WinCE can't accomplish that, what is the advantage? Why would you pay MS for that, when Google would probably be happy to adapt Android for a netbook. Or else, Nokia's tablet. Or Ubuntu. There are many options here that are more powerful that WinCE. Does WinCE even support the resolutions that netbooks would have?

And since WinCE is so cheap, would MS be willing to give up the Windows licence fees for the pennies that they would get from this?

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RE[4]: Windows
by poundsmack on Tue 24th Feb 2009 20:35 in reply to "RE[3]: Windows"
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and thats where WinCE is going to have its biggest issue. Linux has a huge software repository and ARM distro's that run fairly well. Google will do anyhting to get there OS out there as well. WinCE on the ARM notebooks would be for fairly specialized aplications, while Linux makes sense for everything else. But I do want to see MS's upcomming WinCE 7 on these kind of devices, if for nothing else than to keep MS inovative (i know oxymoron right?)

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RE[5]: Windows
by flanque on Tue 24th Feb 2009 20:41 in reply to "RE[4]: Windows"
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I'd like to see this them continue just for the sake of competition.

It's great where all of this is going in terms of competition and innovation.

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