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Apple Apple released the Safari 4 Beta today. Features: Tabs on top. "Top Sites" 'Speed Dial' feature. "Smart" address/search fields. HTML5 Canvas. HTML5 Audio/Video (though no Ogg). Acid 3. CSS Animation/Gradients/Masks/Reflection. CSS Web Fonts. New "Nitro" Javascript engine - "Up to 4 times faster than Firefox 3.1". 'Native' look and native font rendering on Windows Vista/XP. I can think of only one thing: "Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station!"
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RE: Acid 3 performance vs. Opera 10
by steve_s on Wed 25th Feb 2009 00:35 UTC in reply to "Acid 3 performance vs. Opera 10"
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Installing a WebKit Nightly is easy: go to, download the dmg, open it (if Safari hasn't already done that for you), then drag WebKit to Applications. How is that difficult?

In fact, that's much easier than downloading and installing the Safari 4 beta. No installer, and no reboot required.

As a bonus, WebKit has Sparkle built in so it keeps itself up to date too.

IMHO one can't get a more user-friendly installation package than WebKit.

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Actually I was referring to Windows :-). But yes, it's easy for me and you and everyone who visits this site. The point I was making was, average Joe wouldn't have the slightest idea what WebKit was so that he'd update to its nightly.

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