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Microsoft Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer had some interesting things to say yesterday about which companies Microsoft sees as its competitors in the client operating system space. You'd think Apple was their number one competitor - and you'd be wrong. Microsoft sees two other competitors as their primary adversaries.
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There's no universal guidelines on intuitiveness, only those that exist in the users' mind. And guess what qualifies as intuitive in a user's mind? What they're used to. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have to agree with you 100%. I even have a "fer instance". I have a friend that is completely computer illiterate. He is a stand up comic that finally felt the need to post some of his shows on youtube and keep track of his engagements. The only computer experience he had was his part time job with a movie rental store inventory program.

I set him up with my old PIII laptop with Ubuntu (not my flavor, but good for him) about a year ago. In about a day of simple tutelage he was prepared enough to go on his own. That laptop finally gave up the ghost two weeks ago. So we went out and bought a new one on Monday since he now had a better idea of what he wanted to do with a laptop. I didn't have time to set up Ubuntu for him so he has make due with Vista until this weekend for me to set it up. He called me on Tuesday night asking if I could come over sooner because there just wasn't anything there that he liked. I am so proud of him!

What I am trying to say is simple: if you take a person with no experience, be it child or adult, intuitive UI design opinions are not formed yet.

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