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Mac OS X A few days ago, we concluded (yes, we did!) that it was cool to run Windows 3.1 on your Nokia N95 using Qemu. Of course, the Apple world couldn't stay behind, and now we have one of Apple's obsolete operating systems running on the iPhone: System 7, also using Qemu.
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RE[4]: No we didn't
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 26th Feb 2009 11:10 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: No we didn't"
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Yeah, I've tried the three Chimays. And they are wicked expensive, about $10 a bottle as you said. Duvel is also around here also, at a whopping $12 for a 4-pack of 11.2oz bottles (!!!). I've had all four beers, and while good, they're certainly not worth the price (and some Chimays were better than others)... but then, a short trip to Belgium to get lots of Belgian beer for a low price couldn't be too cheap either. And time would be seriously limited.

Also, this is just personal preference, but Belgian beers aren't exactly the kind I would drink very often. There's just something about them I can't point a finger at; perhaps their intense sweetness or something? Yes, they're pretty damn good, but I'm more into English and German style ales. ;)

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RE[5]: No we didn't
by rajan r on Thu 26th Feb 2009 17:38 in reply to "RE[4]: No we didn't"
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$10? Oh, that's reasonable... I think I've lived in Singapore for waayyyyy too long. (I was once bragging to friends back home on how I found a place that sells pints for S$7.50 - half of what I normally pay for it - they couldn't understand my enthusiasm)

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