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Mac OS X A few days ago, we concluded (yes, we did!) that it was cool to run Windows 3.1 on your Nokia N95 using Qemu. Of course, the Apple world couldn't stay behind, and now we have one of Apple's obsolete operating systems running on the iPhone: System 7, also using Qemu.
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RE[2]: Seriously... This is cool!
by paolone on Thu 26th Feb 2009 13:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Seriously... This is cool!"
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Man, looking back, operating systems sucked bigtime back then. ;)

That's why we used to say "Amiga does it better". It had its problems too, though.

MacOS Classic was the sum of other systems' problems: it had a ugly cooperative multitasking (as like as Windows 3.1), and was just a little more stable than AmigaOS (guru meditation anyone?). But I loved it. At least as much as I loved AmigaOS at the time. There was something magic in its GUI. For today's standard it was minimalistic, but I always had the feeling it was studied to follow human mind schemes, while other GUI pretended the user to follow their ones. Every operation was smart and intuitive, really, even my grandma would have used it without serious issues.

When I bought my 2nd hand G3/500 iBook, I wiped out MacOSX and re-installed 9.1 Classic for a reason: it was faster on that machine (while X was really, really slow, and I used it for very long time. Sometimes I turn it on again, make some really basic operations and think about how complex this world has become, since then.

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