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Mac OS X A few days ago, we concluded (yes, we did!) that it was cool to run Windows 3.1 on your Nokia N95 using Qemu. Of course, the Apple world couldn't stay behind, and now we have one of Apple's obsolete operating systems running on the iPhone: System 7, also using Qemu.
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RE[6]: No we didn't
by phoenix on Fri 27th Feb 2009 16:25 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: No we didn't"
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"Actually, it's even simpler than that ... just don't buy beer from the States! Pretty much everywhere in the world makes good beer ... except the States. I honestly do not know how they can even call that swill "beer". I mean, come on, 2%? And 4% is considered "extra strong"?

You don't know US microbrews too well do ya?

Nope, especially since you'll rarely, if ever, find them outside of the locale they're brewed in, and even more rarely up in Canada. But every beer brand I've tried while travelling through the States has been horrible in comparison to Kamloops Brewery, Columbia Brewery, or (whatever Keith's brewery is called) beers. And all those malt beverages are just plain gross.

But, that could be my bias toward IPA/lagers coming out, since I also can't stand most of the European beers. With the exception of Heinecken and Beck's. The Asian beers like Tsing Tao and another one I can't recall the name too, are much more to my liking.

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