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Apple A few days ago, Apple surprised everyone by releasing the first beta of Safari 4, the company's latest version of their WebKit browser. While I generally love Safari on the Mac (my browser of choice on that side of the fence), I've never felt as comfortable with it on the Windows side of things. In any case, this latest beta has made a very bold move in the interface department, and I'm sad to say that it's not for the better. Let me explain where it went wrong for Apple.
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What the big deal ?
by pupdawg on Sat 28th Feb 2009 16:27 UTC
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I don't really see the problem... there is a lot of wasted space the the Aero theme and Apple is just using the screen wisely and give priority to the actual pages.

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RE: What the big deal ?
by Nelson on Sat 28th Feb 2009 16:48 in reply to "What the big deal ?"
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Well, it would be good if it were implemented wisely. The paradigm is a working one, and Chrome gets it working quite well. I like it, and I agree with it.

However, Safari 4's implementation in my opinion leaves a lot to be desired. I like Safari, I liked Safari 3 on Windows, and I hope that by the time this ships as a final version, they can iron out some of these problems.

I don't think the point of most people here is to say: Safari does this wrong, therefore it's terrible and no one should use it.

The attitude I take is, they did a lot right (It's really fast and does standards very well) but it could use some tweaking before it ships.

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