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Hardware, Embedded Systems Long-time OSNews reader Kaiwai has written down his experiences with his Acer Aspire One, Linux, and Windows. He concludes: "After a hectic few weeks trying to get Linux to work, I am back to square one again - a netbook running Windows XP SP3 as it was provided by Acer when I purchased it. I gave three different distributions a chance to prove themselves. I expected all three distributions to wipe the floor with Windows XP - after all, these are the latest and greatest distributions the Linux world have to offer. There has been at least 7 years since the release of Windows XP for Linux to catch up to Windows XP and from my experience with Linux on this said device - it has failed to step up to the plate when it was needed."
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I am gonna disagree Managing editor are never troll on their own site , that they manage ...

Thom is Thom , and on OsNews the majority of us like Thom , not gonna say that we all agree all the time with him or all agree with him at the same time , only speaking of my own observation here , but in majority he as more valid point that are worth discussing then just simple controversy and drama , we should thank him once in a while for his somehwat good job , and the other OsNews staff for there excelent job with the site , but that's why the private message system exist , if you don't like him at all , might I sugest you go on another site or create your own , who would be more to your liking , for your own good ... Or again use the private message system to suggest change to him and his editorial that are valid , constructive and beyond the guter level of You suck , your a troll , you smell , your never gonna make my list of editor I like ...

You have the right to disagree and even express an opposite of THOM own opinion or editorial , politely , can even insult him if you can take the punishment that goes with it.

What right you don't have is to constantly harass him with no valid reason or explanation or his editorial in the comments and make up stuff about him. Like you keep doing recently.

Perhaps the moderator should delete your post and the following comments , since it has zero value with the article opinion or any valid discussion relating to the subject of the article ... It also break the TOS.

Delete mine too will at it ... Thom must not know I defended him ;-)

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You can be a troll on your own site. I'm just pointing out the obvious, there is no way to post something like this and not expect the kind of responses that come along with it. I'm pretty sure that Thom is intelligent and knows this. So I think he posts flamebait and does it on purpose. Because look any post that is trollish enough is going to get 100+ comments and lots of pageviews. That's just how it works. This is how the site makes money. It can't make money without all the drama.

PS: I don't like being grammar nazi, but your grammar and punctuation is almost to the point of ridiculousness. Please lay off the comma key on your keyboard.

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