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Hardware, Embedded Systems Long-time OSNews reader Kaiwai has written down his experiences with his Acer Aspire One, Linux, and Windows. He concludes: "After a hectic few weeks trying to get Linux to work, I am back to square one again - a netbook running Windows XP SP3 as it was provided by Acer when I purchased it. I gave three different distributions a chance to prove themselves. I expected all three distributions to wipe the floor with Windows XP - after all, these are the latest and greatest distributions the Linux world have to offer. There has been at least 7 years since the release of Windows XP for Linux to catch up to Windows XP and from my experience with Linux on this said device - it has failed to step up to the plate when it was needed."
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With Enlightenment and IceWeasel (with minimal addons) and the ability to have multiple shells... 148MB of swap (yes I wanted swap.. it makes a difference on it), connects using the WiFi without problems (if the key is known no problems), NIC works just fine, my USB EVDO card works wonders.

And I still have over 1GB free...

Oh wait you all expect them to do EVERYTHING... sorry

Yes I did have to funk with it a bit to get the WiFi to work, but only once.

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