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AMD AMD recently said that they'd be starting onto the 32nm track, beginning production around the fourth quarter of 2010. Intel, on the other hand, has already demonstrated some of its prototypes and will be rolling these babies out to the public come the fourth quarter of-- ah-- this year. AMD isn't manufacturing these chips, however, and is instead laying the load on the newborn Foundry Company, which was created with the help of AMD out of ATI.
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by bannor99 on Mon 2nd Mar 2009 15:48 UTC in reply to "RE: stupid"
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What I was saying is that, these days, anyway, AMD has followed in Intel's footsteps - not that AMD's products are inferior to Intel's. Intel does it first. AMD does it cheaper, later. I'm an AMD fan myself because I can generally afford it better than Intel. But there's no denying that AMD generally does what Intel did six months to a year ago. Perhaps AMD thought of it first and have plenty of plans for the future that we can't even imagine, but from a consumer's point of view, they lag behind.

Unless you're talking about production, AMD has been leading the show for years. However, their manufacturing plants have not been as proficient as Intel's and, since they have fewer of them, they haven't been able to leave Intel in the dust like they should have years ago.
The Nehalem architecture is Intel's version of AMD's Hypertransport / true multicore platform that is now several years old. And despite what you may see on the web, AMD had been more power-efficient than Intel for a while.
Intel is retaking ALL those leads except, possibly, price / performance.

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