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Apple Just as everyone suspected, Apple updated its various lines of desktop computers today, bringing speed and performance improvements across the board. Mac Pro, iMac, and the Mac Mini were all upgraded, and especially for the Mini, it was a long time coming. The Mac Pro sees the most changes.
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Apple Must Be Feeling Confident ...
by PLan on Tue 3rd Mar 2009 17:59 UTC
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The entry price for an octo Pro in the UK has gone from (IIRC) approx £1700 to £2500 !!

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I think that's consistent with the decreasing value of the pound...

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Apple charges a premium in all other countries on top of exchange rates and taxes. Outside North America Apple has practically no impact at all. Some places in Australia are 1000km from the nearest Apple seller. But we have at least one whitebox PC retailer in virtually every suburb

At my local Australian university less than 1% of students or staff use Macs. The university has a very active Linux Users Group though.

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