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SuSE, openSUSE IT solutions companies have been generating lots of buzz regarding thin clients basically since the early 1990s, but have yet to really penetrate into many suitable environments. These relatively cheap computer appliances carry broad promises like energy efficiency, space efficiency, and centralized maintenance and data storage. These claims could sound like the computer industry equivalent of snake oil. Kiwi-LTSP, a combination of KIWI imaging technology and Linux Terminal Server Project, is one open source solution for thin client servers.
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"We looked into doing something similar when we first embarked on our thin-client setups. However, we gave up on the idea of network booting Windows stations, as you still need a full install of Windows for each computer (or each class of hardware anyway). And all the management tools still required Windows. And all the licensing costs involved. We stopped looking at Windows solutions very early on, as we could not afford the licensing or hardware costs to run Windows XP."

With the OpenSolaris CIFS and iSCSI setup it is easy to setup diskless PCs. You just install Windows (or Linux or whatever OS) onto one ZFS filesystem. Then you snapshot it. Now you can clone the Windows XP installation in one second using ZFS. For each user you just clone it. Each user will boot and read from the Master Windows installation using iSCSI and CIFS, and write to his own ZFS filesystem. Which you can also snapshot and backup etc.

With ZFS the user can also rollback and look into earlier snapshots to recover files. And if the user screws his installation up, you just clone the master Windows XP/Linux/Whatever installation again in one second and he is off to go.

This must be superior than your current solution. CIFS is dead simple. And iSCSI too. Here is more information about this setup I been describing:

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This must be superior than your current solution. CIFS is dead simple.

Show me a simple method to boot Windows off the network, without requiring any Windows servers to manage it.

And stop harping about the benefits and capabilities of ZFS. I know all about them, and use them everyday. Have been since June.

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